Data Analytics

Data analytics’ service according to the needs of your organization.

Data analytics consists of three main stages, planning, acquisition and implementation. The objectives of these three areas are to evaluate the data of your organization, estimate the stage of technological maturity and implement the necessary solutions so that your entity remains a leader in its industry.


  • Project planning. This includes the planning of scientific studies and projects in private companies and the public sector. Elements of sample design, experimental design, and statistical design are taken into account.

  • Data Strategy. This includes the evaluation of the value of the data that the organization possesses, which marketing strategy exists for them and to identify possible problems in the areas of security, privacy and ethics.


  • Evaluation of data availability. It will evaluate what data the organization has and how they fit its operational objectives. If necessary, data will be acquired from other private organizations or public entities that make them available.


  • Data Cleaning. This includes from organization of digital file systems to standardization of data in databases. If necessary, cleaning validation systems will be implemented.

  • Data Exploration. Data will be explored for correlations, patterns and associations between variables to understand the organization’s system.

  • Statistical modeling. This includes inferential statistical modeling options, which allows us to observe differences between groups and statistical modeling, which allows us to estimate specific metrics.