Policy Analysis

Experience creating and contributing to decision-making documents, preparing statistical analyzes, and synthesizing and presenting research findings for the implementation or review of policies.

The objective is to create reports that critique and thoroughly analyze proposals for new policies, examine existing policies, and offer and present the best ways or alternatives to follow for decision making in relation to particular policies.

Policy and Legislation Review

  • Evaluation of policies and legislation to determine the impact of any changes to existing policies. This involves identifying benefits and disadvantages of these in the short and long term.

Data Collection and Findings Report

  • Research and presentation of quantitative and qualitative data with the objective of supporting a particular policy.
  • Analyze important information and identify trends that can be used to create new policies or make changes to existing policies.

Report Writing for Decision Making

  • Formulation of reports that condense and summarize the most important findings from data for use in decision making. This involves presenting the best ways or alternatives to follow in a particular policy, historical background on the issue that concerns it, and considerations to take into account.