Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Solutions that simplify the work in your organization.

We work to keep your organization a leader in your industry by implementing artificial intelligence solutions or training your staff so they can develop their own solutions.


  • Predictive Analysis. Development of predictive analyzes that allow from the prediction of the number of customers to interact with your organization to the number of sales to be made in the next month.

  • Group Analysis. Development of group analysis or ‘cluster analysis’. This includes from customer segmentation systems to recommendation systems for users.

  • Natural Language Processing. It includes analysis of feelings, classification of texts, and recognition of named entities.


  • Theoretical. The theoretical training ranges from the history of Machine Learning to the most recent developments in the different fields of Artificial Intelligence. Training sessions are developed customized to the needs of your company.

  • Practical The practical training covers the entire applied component of Artificial Intelligence, from implementations with Python and R to the ‘deployment’ of the models in production.