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We have more than 20 years of joint experience helping government organizations, NGOs and businesses in different industries to meet their institutional objectives.

Photo of Ian Flores

Ian Flores

Data Scientist | Data Science Educator

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Ian is a data scientist with experience working with government agencies, NGOs and educational institutions in Puerto Rico, the United States, and Canada. He holds a Master’s in Data Science from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor’s in Integrative Biology from the University of Puerto Rico. Ian works at Audassimus implementing data science solutions and developing open source educational materials. He is the first and only certified RStudio Instructor in the Caribbean.

Photo of Adamina Roman-Sanchez

Adamina Roman-Sanchez

Public Health Specialist | Graduate Nurse

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Adamina is the nurse coordinator of patient care and transition at Yale New Haven Hospital attached to Yale University. She has been working in the health field since 1994. She has worked as a Program Evaluator, Project Coordinator and as Coordinator of the Institutional Review Board of the Yale University School of Medicine. As part of her education she has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and one in nursing, as well as a Master’s degree in Health Systems Research and is completing her Master’s Degree in Nursing Sciences with an emphasis on nursing education.

Photo of Jenniffer Paniagua

Jenniffer Paniagua

Policy Analyst | Tech Political Scientist

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Jenniffer is a policy analyst with extensive research experience in environmental and cyber issues. She has experience creating and contributing to decision-making documents, preparing statistical analyzes, and synthesizing and presenting research findings for policy implementation. She has knowledge in preparation, analysis and presentation of data in R. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations from the University of Puerto Rico. Currently she is completing a master’s degree at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa in Canada and is investigating the concept of surveillance capitalism.